Ankle Sprain Exercises- Latest Clinical Research

Research shows that once you have a lateral ankle sprain it increases your chances of having another! Afterwards the ankle joint may become unstable and can take a long time to recover, especially if the neurological pathway connecting the foot and the brain is disrupted. Depending on symptoms it may also be important to have an X-ray or Ultrasound done to check for ligament tears or fractures. This is why getting the right ankle rehabilitation after a bad sprain is important!

New clinical research was done to see if short foot exercises can improve ankle sprain injuries and reoccurrence. They compared these short foot exercises (SFE) to the effect of proprioceptive sensory exercise (PSE). The study group was done with 30 adults. One group was given short foot exercises and the other proprioceptive sensory exercise. They were evaluated before and after doing the exercises. Results found that the SFE significantly improves proprioception and dynamic balance in patients with chronic ankle instability and was more effective then PSE training.

Including short foot exercises into your rehabilitation could accelerate your recovery from ankle sprains and prevent chronic ankle instability. This can help facilitate a faster return to activities of daily life and sport. If you suffer from regular ankle sprains or if you are currently struggling you should make an appointment to get it assessed by a Podiatrist!

Reference:  Lee, E., Cho, J., & Lee, S. (2019). Short-foot exercise promotes quantitative somatosensory function in ankle instability: a randomized controlled trial. Medical science monitor: international medical journal of experimental and clinical research, 25, 618.